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The Second Silverwing Edition With French Head - SOLD OUT


The new 5/8 Silverwing II - Limited Edition

There it is is. The new 5/8 Silverwing II razor made from the best steel available today (C135).
It is made from the finest and best carbon steel and has an amazingly high content of carbon. (really good carbon steel contains 1% of carbon. This steel has 1.35% carbon!)
Due to a new hardening process the back of the razor is a bit "softer" than the edge. This is giving the razor's back more flexibility and more sharpness to the edge.
The hardness is way above 60 Rockwell.

It has a french head and beautiful rams horn handles and comes in a walnut brown varnished box.
Rams horn has a more rustic look but the feel is more smooth and every piece is different in color and texture.
The Box has the Silverwing inlay again with its unique number but the scales are without it. (It is not possible to have an inlay in the ramshorn scales. The scales would break.)

Because the mirror polish is so beautiful there is no etching on the blade.
The shave is marvelous like with its predecessor.
The blade has a 3/4 to full hollow grind and shaves even thicker beards wonderfully.

This Editon is imited to 300 pieces.
Thiers Issard has no Silverwing II razors left so once we have sold them out, they are gone!

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