Thiers Issard new forged razors

All straight razors on this page are fully hollowed and have serrations at least on the lower side of the shank and come in a Thiers Issard leather pouch.

The steel for these beauties is one of the best high carbon steel which is available today namely the Carbonsong C135 steel.
As an example: Usual carbon steel for razors has 0.6-0-8% of carbon. Very good steel has 1% carbon. The razors you see here have 1.35% carbon.

So what does this mean?
The higher the carbon content the harder the steel gets. The harder it is the better is the mirror polish and the sharper it will be. It stays longer sharp, too.
Due to a new hardening process the hardness is way above 60 Rockwell. The back is a bit "softer" to give it more flexibility and to reduce the risk of breaking.
So the old equation: Old steel = better steel does not work!

All of the new forgings are superb shavers and the 5/8 are great for the novice and the pro.

All razors on this page have serrations at least on the lower side of the shank for a good grip and come in a Thiers Issard leather pouch.
The different prices occur due to the etching style, the polish of the blade and because of the material of the scales. The quality of the steel is the same!
Feel free to ask any question.

You can watch a video how to shave with a TI razor in the Media Center.
Luxus Einsteigermesser 5/8

Thiers Issard "Luxury Entry Razor" - 5/8 - Semi Polish - 1/1 hollow

This is an enhanced version of our "Luxury Entry Razor". The blade has an even nicer semi-finish (matté) than before and the black etching (which is really wonderful) offers much more contrast.
Because many customers asked for high quality plastic scales, I am offering these ones now too.
Every razor comes in a Thiers Issard leather pouch with a flap. The ones with plastic scales come in a comb style pouch made out of sheep skin.

: This is the same high quality carbon steel like the other new forgings too. There is no second choice or "diluted" steel.
If you are looking for a high quality razor for a good price and like it simple, here it is.

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This item is SOLD OUT and will NOT be available for order.