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We closed our shop.
Thank you very much for your support.
You can reach me now at:
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Welcome to Rasurpur

Since 01.01.2019 our shop has been closed.
We concentrate on your services like the resharpening of straight razors.
Warm regards,
I had heard good things about you from the members of SRP. All of their praises understate the quality of your services. I have no hesitation recommending your company without any qualification. I look forward to a continued relationship and will most definitely do business with you again. 
- T.Q. from Florida / Oct. 2011
Its a real pleasure shaving with all your razors. The quality of your products surpasses everything I have seen before. You keep impressing me with every order. The English Bridle [..exchangeable panel from the Supex paddle strop] is super amazing. Thank you for changing just a simple routine like shaving into a daily ritual.
M.M. from Spain / Okt. 2013
I just shaved with the razor from you. All i can say is this was my best shave ever, so smooth and close. Man what did you did to this razor ? it's so sharp but also so smooth, I can't even feel it when it glides across my face ! Compared to this, my old russian razor seems like a kitchen knife :-) Thank you very much for a great job !
C.B. from Romania / May 2012
Vendor & Contact

Martin Nienberg
Am Steintor 24 a
48167 Muenster / Germany
Ph: +49 (0)2506-3039854
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