• About Rasurpur - Please read !
  • How many employees does Rasurpur have?
    None. Everything is done by me, myself and I.
    So please be patient with me if everything takes a little bit longer than with other companies.

    Shaving with a straight razor takes some time and to do a good job and offer a good service takes some time too.

    Thank you very much.
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  • I placed an order (or sent an email) one day ago and did not get any response so far.
    This is right. Since I am doing everything by myself I need some time to answer especially when there was a holiday or Rasurpur was closed for vacation.
    Please read the vacation notice at the front page of the shop (or in the shopping cart while ordering) for this. Back to Top
  • On which days do you process and ship orders?
    We process and ship orders from Monday to Friday.
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  • On which days is your office available?
    Office hours are from Monday to Thursday from 1 PM to 6 PM. Before and after that we are packing orders and have other things to administer.
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  • Where can I track my order?
  • About Sharpening
  • Shall I tape the spine of a straight razor?
    No you shouldn't unless you know why you are doing it.
    If you have to ask this question, please do not try to sharpen your razor by yourself.
    Send it to us, please and we will take care of it.
    This way you make sure that your razor stays in top condition and you can enjoy it during your shave. Back to Top
  • What is most important when it comes to sharpening?
    That you really want to sharpen!
    The intention is the most important thing not the following of a "method".
    Then you need knowledge, ability and experience. Back to Top
  • How do I resharpen a normal used straight razor?
    If you have to ask this question, please do not try to sharpen your razor by yourself.
    Send it to us, please and we will take care of it.
    This way you make sure that your razor stays in top condition and you can enjoy it during your shave. Back to Top
  • Japanese Straight Razors - Kamisori
  • I read a Kamisori is only used by one side?
    Well you can do that and “technically” this would be correct. Experience however shows that you can use a Kamisori from both sides like a western razor too. You can also use the western style Rasurpur Kamisori which is designed to be used from both sides.

    Watch my shaving video how to shave with a Kamisori from both sides. Back to Top
  • Can I hone and strop a Kamisori just like a "normal" razor?
    Yes you can. Back to Top
  • Shaving Brushes
  • How do I use my shaving brush propperly?
    If you do not treat your shaving brush well, the hair might fall out very soon or it will stop making a good lather. Especially silvertip brushes are very delicate and need some care. A few seconds are enough if done properly.

    Making lather: Do not press while making a lather and do not stamp the brush in a shaving mug either. You will press the soap into the brush and will have a hard time to get it out again.
    Also pressing will wear and tear your brush very fast. So do not press like you want to shave yourself with the handle of the brush. Do it lightly.
    If you like a more massaging effect take shaving brushes with more hair.

    After use: This is the most important part. Rinse the brush thoroughly under running water for at least 20 seconds! Let the water run gently into the brush and squeeze it lightly from time to time.
    Remove all excess water by shaking the brush down.
    Store it in an airy place away from direct sunlight or any other heat source.

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  • How long will a shaving brush last?
    With proper use and care a shaving brush can be used for 20 years or longer.
    When the tips are starting to break off you might consider to get a new brush. Back to Top
  • Is it important to wash the brush after use?
    This is very vital!
    Rinse your brush under running water for at least 20 seconds!
    Make sure there is no soap (and water for that matter) left in the hair especially at the handle.
    If soap (water) stays in the brush it will destroy the badger hair and it will start to fall out after some weeks/months.

    After washing out your brush flick the water out of the brush. Hold the handle of the brush and shake your hand down fast.
    Store your brush in an airy place (not in the sun!) in your bath or somewhere else.

    In this way your shaving brush will give you many many years of service. Back to Top
  • Should I hang up my shaving bush after use or not?
    To be honest: Do as you please.
    It doesn't make any real difference.
    The hair is transferring the water to the tips anyway. From there is vaporizes. So it would be better to put it on its handle to make vaporization easier.

    What does makes a difference is that your brush drys properly. So if you have a big brush do not use it every day but allow to dry it for two or more days.

    In my opinion it is better to have two or more shaving brushes. So save the money for the brush stand and get yourself a second brush. Back to Top
  • Straight Razors
  • Getting to know your straight razor
  • How do I strop a straight razor and how often shall I strop it?
    It is a good practice to strop the razor before every use a few times (maybe 5-10 lapses) on the leather of a paddle or hanging strop.

    To see how you strop a straight razor, please go to the Video Section and watch the videos there.
    Klick here: Stropping Video Back to Top
  • How long does it take until I will get a very good shave from my straight razor
    Straight razor shaving is an art and like any art it takes practise, lots of practise.
    To get a very smooth and very close shave you need round about 1 to 2 years. To master the chin it takes round about 6 months.
    If you use an after shave after shaving and it burns on your skin you are not there and your shave was too close.

    So do not give up and if you have the feeling that you cannot get any further with you straight while shaving, just switch over to your DE razor and finish the shave.
    Using a DE razor in between or after the first pass reduces the stress level and gives you much more pleasure. Back to Top
  • How often is it necessary to re-sharpen my straight razor?
    The sharpness of your razor should be fine for the next 1 to 2 years.
    This depends on many factors like how thick the beard grows, how good the shaving preparation is, the shaving technique, the stropping and so on.

    Thiers Issard recommends paddle strops in combination with the special diamond paste for daily maintenance.

    Unnecessary resharpening of a razor shortens its life span drastically and should be avoided.
    A straight razor should give you shaves for a lifetime.

    If you think your straight razor is not sharp enough anymore, you can send it to us and we will send it back re-sharpened and freshly stropped.
    For this use our resharpening service through the shop or just send an email (use contact link below). Back to Top
  • I am new to straight razor shaving and I have a "dragging / pulling" sensation while shaving with it.
    This is very common among straight razor novices.

    You have to figure out the right angle for the razor, the right amount of "pressure" and the right shaving movements.
    So there are many variables in this equation and it needs time and experience (round about 1 year of daily shaving).

    The best advice I can give is to shave with a straight razor on a daily basis!

    In the very beginning it is a good practice to shave only with the grain or do the first pass with the straight and the rest with your DE razor or whatever wet shaving system you used before.
    You can also apply an oil on the wet skin before the leather.

    You should also keep in mind that your skin needs some time (round about a month!) to adjust to the new shave.
    And it need this time even if you used a multi blade system before.

    Please go to the Video Section and watch the free shaving videos. This may help.

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  • I found a very small dent in the edge of my razor? How did it get there?
    Sometimes customers find a small dent in the edges of their razor and have no clue how this could happen.

    I found out that this comes from the following scenario:
    You look into the mirror to see how good the shave went so far and hold you razor under the running water from your tap. During this you touch the faucet with the edge very slightly and there is the dent.
    I saw this several times in my shaving classes.
    You do not have to notice that you tick agains the faucet but you do.

    So here is the solution:
    Do not watch into the mirror while cleaning the razor!
    Do not hold your razor with the edge up under the running water! (And don't clean your razor in the sink either!)
    Do one thing at time. Shaving is not multitasking! Back to Top
  • My straight razor is getting dark spots
    Most straight razors are made of carbon steel. Carbon steel has the tendency to oxidize when it is getting in touch with water or acid.
    So over time your razor will darken a bit. This is the "working color" of carbon steel. It is an attempt of the steel to protect itself from rust.

    If water drops or acid (from your skin) remain for too long on the blade they will develop black spots.
    Do not worry about this it is completely normal and a sign for good quality carbon steel.
    To avoid real red rust just make the blade clean and dry after use and put a little bit of oil on the blade.

    You can also wipe off the razor in between while shaving. This makes the water drops on the steel smaller which will diminish the risk of big black water stains.
    Just use the small towel you put (hot) on your face or a micro fiber cloth (which works great!).

    So called stainless steel will not develop black spots or rust unless you do not leave water on the steel for a very long time. It is not a "rust free" steel but it stains less.
    If you take real stainless steel for a razor like the one which is been used for kitchen knives, your razor will not get sharp enough for a smooth shave and if so the sharpness wouldn't stay very long.
    After use just clean and dry your razor. You do not have to oil to put oil on a stainless steel razor. Back to Top
  • What is the best strop combination so far?
    In my opinion it is good to use two strops:
    A paddle strop (or the 4 sided block) for one ore more sharpening pastes and cleaning from it and a good hanging or paddle strop for daily stropping.

    The paddle strop is more firm and stable and the paste cannot change the angel of the edge.
    If you are using a sharpening paste on a hanging strop you might change the angle of the edge and make it steeper and therefore less sharp. (Physics: The smaller the angle the shaper the blade.)
    Just keep in mind that you have to pull a hanging strop very straight and don't let it hang loose.

    Mainly I am using this:
    The Cordovan hanging strop and the Cordovan paddle strop with 0.25 my bio diamond paste on the Juchten side.
    The 0.25 my paste will be used when the razor feels like it needs it.
    If the 0.25 my paste is not enough I am using a 4-sided paddle block with 1 my bio diamond paste or coarser before.

    Please keep in mind:

    NEVER use a sharpening paste on a hanging strop!

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  • What kind of strop is better: A hanging one or a paddle strop?
    In the hand of a professional is makes no difference what kind of strop is used.

    For the straight razor novice it has shown that an extra wide paddle strop is more suitable than a hanging one.
    There are less mistakes you can make. Just make sure you use not much pressure while stropping.

    If you do not hold a hanging strop firmly and let is hang loosely and/or if you use too much pressure while stropping you can make a bevel to the edge of the razor and loose some of its sharpness.
    Also a hanging strop feels more unsupportive while stropping.

    Hint: Start with a paddle strop and after some time and practise you can try a hanging strop.
    You can use the paddle strop you purchased first for the sharpening paste then and for traveling and the hanging strop for daily stropping.

    You will find all of these strops in best quality in our Rasurpur Shop. The quality of the Japanese cordovan strops is superb and unbeatable so far. Back to Top
  • Why shaving with a straight razor?
    The straight razor shave is the supreme discipline in wet shaving.
    She is an interesting challenge and a sharp and beautiful razor was always a delight to men.
    Once caught by this "virus" you will understand it.

    The danger of cutting oneself is quite low because of the sharpness of the blade and your respect for it.
    The blade is quite flexible. This makes the shave very gentle and makes a straight razor ideal for men with acne, scars and other "irregularities".

    It ist his combination of challenge, smoothness and latent danger which lets myself enjoy the straight razor shave every morning.
    Do humans need rituals? I don't know,...but this is a very nice one.

    Apropos.....the straight razor shave is a beautiful ritual for the juvenile man's passage to manhood.
    The father gives a straight razor to his son and shows him how to use it.

    A dream? Maybe,... but a very nice one. Back to Top
  • Safety Razors
  • Is the shave with a safety razor better than with a straight razor?
    It all depends.
    There will always be people who prefer a safety razor (or DE razor) over a straight razor and vice versa.
    And lots of shavers are using both.
    Both ways provide a close and comfortable shave.

    The DE razor shave is easy and quick to learn.
    If you just want a hassle free, easy and good shave the DE razor is your razor.
    It is also very environmentally friendly because you use DE razor blades which contain only metal and no plastic and they last quite long.

    The straight razor shave is a class of its own.
    If you want a little challenge, shave in a very traditionally way and go deeper into things the straight razor is your razor.
    The straight razor shave is a culture not only a shave. It takes quite some time to learn it but after this it is as nice, close and smooth as with a DE razor.

    You can always switch between them but once you mastered the art of shaving with a straight razor you never want to go back to anything else!
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  • Open or closed comb - which one is better?
    First of all: There is no better - just different.

    Then there is a common misunderstanding about open comb razors.
    This razor is not "aggressive". It is the closest way to a straight razor shave and a straight razor shave isn't aggressive either.
    If it is aggressive the shaver is doing something wrong. Mostly it is the wrong angle of shaving and too much pressure.

    I would recommend the open comb for advanced shavers and those with a heavy beard.

    For beginners the closed comb is a safer way to shave.
    The blade is a bit behind the comb. Therefore this razor is a bit more "forgiving".
    The shave is smooth and close and suitable for delicate skin.
    But you can shave with this even thicker beards.

    Know that 80% of shaving is technique and preparation! Back to Top
  • Sharpening Pastes
  • Can I use a paste on my hanging strop?
    You should use a sharpening paste only on a paddle strop and never on a hanging one!
    The hanging strop is more flexible even if you pull it straight and will round the edge and will dull you razor gradually. Back to Top
  • What is the difference between the sharpening pastes you offer?
    Every paste is working different. The effect depends on the sharpening medium and the binding. This is true for sharpening pastes as for sharpening stones as well.
    So it is not always the grit size what rules. It is the combination of sharpening compound, binding and grit size!

    Diamond Pastes (BIODAM)
    This paste contains diamond particles in a water binding.
    Diamond particles are very pointy and sharp and go quite deep into the metal. The sharpening effect is quite fast and very effective. Do not use too many strokes here unless your razor is quite dull.

    The 1 my and 0.25 my grit pastes are good for regular use (once a month or every three months if necessary); the higher grits only if the other grits do not work anymore or for kitchen knives.

    This pastes works very fast and some have the feeling that the sharpness is quite "crisp". In this case you can use the TI paste (SHARP) after it or the Chromox paste. I am using the 0.25 my paste quite often and have not the feeling that the sharpness is unkind but nice and smooth but everybody likes it different here.

    This paste works great with all paddle strops or blocks.

    Chromium Oxide Paste, green (CROMOX)
    Chromium oxide particles are quite hard but more "round" in their structure thus they go not very deep into the metal and have the tendency to round things.
    This is not a real sharpening paste but usually used for polishing metal.

    We find this paste is quite "messy" and not really necessary for razors with one exception: If you have the feeling that your razor is too sharp this paste helps to humanize the edge.
    We made this paste more solid now so that it is nicer to use and dries more quickly. You can find it in our shop by clicking here.

    Chromium Oxide Paste, red (REDOX)
    This paste contains some additional amount of very fine garnets. Its works even finder than the “green stuff“.

    NEVER use a sharping or polishing paste on a hanging strop but only on a paddle strop or block! Otherwise you might dull the edge a bit or completely.

    You can find all these pastes by clicking here. Back to Top
  • Bio Diamond Pastes
  • It is quite hard sometimes to get the coarser pastes out of the tube. What can I do?
    It might happen that the pastes thicken by water loss over some time. (We already addressed this problem and the new formula is much more liquid.)

    Just dilute the pastes a bit. Shake the paste to the bottom of the tube. Unscrew the tube, press the "bottom button" and hold the tip of the tube in a bit of clean water and let the tube suck the water in.
    Hold your thumb on the tip of the tube and shake a bit.
    If the paste still sounds too thick and does not move, do the "water trick" again one or two more times.
    Then screw the cap on and shave very well and it should be no problem to get the paste out of the tube this time.

    Because these pastes are water based it is no problem to dilute them with water.
    The 0.25 my paste usually does not need this trick.
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  • How do I apply the Diamand pastes?
    Shake well before every use!
    Apply a dozen or more drops to the surface by pushing on the back of the tube. There is a "pumping mechanism" which will give you one drop for every push.
    Spread the drops evenly and very thinly over the surface with your fingertip and let it dry before use. (If it is not possible to spread the paste, do not despair. It will work anyway.)

    If the performance of the paste weakens, just apply some drops again.
    I "impregnate" the leather with the paste over the time. After that there is hardly any need to re-apply the paste again.
    The paste works best when the leather darkens by the metal particles which are polished off. So it takes a short time before the real "kick" sets in.
    If your leather does not take in the paste very well and you have some paste left on the razor, just wipe it off (and give it back to the leather if possible) before you proceed to another leather. This way you avoid a contamination with coarser particles.

    These pastes are extremely potent and they stay this way for a very long time.

    The 1 and 0.25 my grits are for regular use. Every time you have the feeling the sharpness of your razor drops, you can use them. Just a few strokes are sufficient here!
    The 6 and 3 my grits can be used after honing or when you bought a new razor which is not really shave ready (not when you bought one from Rasurpur!!), followed by 1 und 0.25 my.

    When it is time to hone your razors again, try these pastes first, starting with 6my. This way you can prolong your shaving period for months and have less resharpening circles.
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  • Straight Razor Shaving Tips
  • How to start
    Do the full preparation as seen in my video "Basics"
    Watch the straight razor shave videos "
    SR Shave"

    Put the straight flat on your face. Then lift the back until you feel that is shaves.
    Do only the flat areas of your cheeks and do the rest with the DE. This will reduce stress.
    Shaving should be fun!

    Do not use any pressure or force while shaving. Just try to take off the lather from your skin.
    Do not try to do miracles with your straight. The shave might be uneven in the starting period.

    From there you can expand your straight razor experience.

    Shave with the grain in the first pass and a bit across the grain in the second. Do not shave against the grain because this is pure stress for your skin and just leads to skin irritation.
    As a barber you learn that you do not shave against the grain unless the customer is asking for it.
    Always keep in mind that shaving is an optical thing. To shave in order to have a baby smooth skin in every direction is pure nonsense and not very healthy.
    The skin should be smooth with the grain and the face should look well shaved and fresh.

    And very important: Give yourself a few months at least and shave regularly with the straight. Best would be on a daily basis.
    Do not give up. :-)
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  • Wet Shaving
  • My skin feels a bit irritated after my first wet shaves
    Please keep in mind that your skin needs some time (round about a month!) to adjust to the new shave.
    So be very gentle and shave with the grain only for the first week or two.

    It is also a good idea to use a skin oil under the leather. Back to Top
  • Why Wet Shaving?
    The wet shave was and is the smoothest and closest shave on earth.
    The combination of hot water, soap, a shaving brush and a straight or DE razor is a pure wellness program in the morning.

    You slow down, concentrate on the really important thing and you will go refreshed into your day.
    Take these 20 minutes for yourself every day (or at least at the weekend) and you will feel the difference the whole day long. Back to Top