Let The Pros Do What The Pros Should Do

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For most things in life you need experience which comes from daily practice.
Sharpening straight razors is one of those things: where the sharpness of a knife ends, the sharpness of a straight razor begins.
For over 10 years Rasurpur advisors the straight razor industry and more than 4000 customers around the world in straight razor issues and beyond.
Be confident about giving your straight to Rasurpur because we sharpen straight razors every day.
Please contact us before you send any razors!
Due to problems with customs we cannot service razors from outside the EU anymore!

Re-Sharpening Of Your Straight Razor

You have a straight razor and it needs to be resharpened (or you are not sure about this)?
Just send it in and we will taking care of it. (It doesn't matter if you bought this razor from Rasurpur or got it from somewhere else. We will sharpen any razor!)
All razors will be sharpened by hand by myself on waterstones. A light polishing of the razor's back and the scales is included in this service.
Processing time will be around 1-4 weeks.
The usual price for this service is 30.00 EUR incl. 19% tax plus 21 EUR shipping outside of Germany.
If we have to do more, we will contact you prior we start working on your razor!

This service is not a re-grinding service and does not include the repair of scales, pins or nicks and cuts in the blade.
We can do this for you too for an extra cost, if you want us to.

Resharpening of your straight razor

Preis: 30,00 EUR incl. 19% VAT.
"Hi Martin,
you did a fine job with the razors.
I have shaved with 3 of them and the honing is outstanting. I am also becoming a big fan of speick soaps, great quality and value."
S. S. from Greece
"Just writing to thank you for the great service. As you said the razor should now be perfect and that it truly is. 
The sharpening service you provide really makes it easier for new users of straigh razors. And let me tell you that I'm never going to go back for the electric shavers."
 T. M. from Finnland
"The razors you honed for me are perfect. These razors have the sharpest and most comfortable edge I have ever experienced.
The quality of your work is outstanding."
P. B. from the USA
"I received the razor! It is excellent, it shaves perfectly, the honing is outstanding!
Thank you very much!"
R. R. from Hungary
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