Kamisori made by Rasurpur
I've used it for a few days now and although I still have a very poor technique with shaving it has become a favorite part of my day. The razor itself is absolute art and a wonderful reminder in the morning of how I think life should be lived.
Simple, high quality...with nothing extra, just purpose.
A.W. from the USA
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The Rasurpur Kamisori - World Premiere

These unique straight razor are made completely by hand. Their form is inspired by the Japanese straight razors (kamisori) so we like to stick with the name.
We tweaked the geometry a bit for the western user. The Rasurpur kamisori has a thicker handle which fits good into your hand and the shaving angle is easier to find.

These kamisori are forged by hand in our forgery from a high carbon ball bearing steel without any other tools than a hammer. After that, they are hardened single handedly and tempered three times for best hardening results, ground and finished and then sharpened and polished (endcap) to perfection by hand.
Slight "irregularities" and differences from razor to razor are due to their hand forged nature. This makes every Rasurpur kamisori an unique straight razor.

Rasurpur is the first company in the Münsterland (probably in whole Germany) who is making hand forged kamisori in this geographical region.
Nice smooth shave … I’m very pleased. + the forging skin is already starting to flake off, leaving an attractive finish underneath.
M.Y. from England - Nov. 2015
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Rasurpur Kamisori - Kamisori made in Münsterland

We offer you this straight razor in two models: A Japanese one with a slight asymmetrical grind and a Western with a symmetrical grind.

Both models are a bit thinner at the edge than "original" kamisoris which will result in a closer shave.

The end caps of the razors have been polished to put a nice contrast to the black forging skin which keeps the steel from rusting quickly and provides a better grip.

The handling is very similar to a western style razor. In fact it can be used in the same way, if one wants to.
The new developed storage box is made from wood and the razor will be hold in place by strong magnets (These will not magnetize the edge of the razor!). This way the edge of the razor cannot hit against the inside of the box.
A leather pad protects the razor to the lid.

Advantages Of This Type Of Straight Razor:

Extreme sharpness through flat geometry.
Thicker handle which provides a better grip and secure feeling.
No scales can be damaged or get "filthy" with soap residues.
There are no spots where water can remain and lead to hidden rust.
Excellent wooden transport and storing box with holding magnet which will not magnetize the edge.

Data, ca:

Carbon steel, not stainless 1% carbon content
64 - 65 HRC
Length total
: 160 mm - 170 mm
Length blade: 60 mm
Width blade: 6/8-7/8 (20-22 mm)
Weight: 50 - 60 Gramm
Hollow grind: Japanese asymmetrical and western symmetrical.
Similar to a 1/4 grind. (See description below.)
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Rasurpur 6/8 Kamisori - Japanese Grind

General description see above, please.
Not stainless - stays longer sharp.
Approximately wedge to 1/4 grind. Size is similar to the Iwasaki Tamahagane Kamisori.
Comes shave ready in our nice wooden Kamisori box.

Rasurpur 6/8 Kamisori In Box - Japanese Grind

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Rasurpur Kamisori Box

Until now it was a bit uncomfortable to use a kamisori while traveling. Even the transport from your storage room to the bath was a bit dangerous.

Now you can store and transport your kamisori safely inside this simple but effective box.
The lid can be pushed aside like with a pencil box.
Two strong neodymium magnets under the felt in the holding slots secure the handle of the razor and keep it from falling out.
A leather pad will protect your razor from hitting against the lid. (Not seen in the pictures.)

The kamisori will be protected from minor shocks inside this box. If the going gets tough a piece of foam is attached to the inside so the head of the razor will be protected.
Transport this box closed at all times and do not drop it, please.

This box will hold a kamisori until a length of nearly 180 mm.
This box will also hold the Iwasaki kamisori and others.


Length: 203 mm
Width: 65 mm
Height: 32 mm

Made from varnished wood, microfiber at bottom, foam, felt.
Comes WITHOUT a razor!

Kamisori Box

Item no: KAMIBOX
Price: 19.00 EUR incl. 19% VAT.
plus Shipping costs / Delivery time: 2-5 Days (Abroad might differ)

Abura Tsubo - Japanese Oil Applicator - EMPTY

You don't want to put oil on a piece of cloth every time you want to oil your knives and razors or tools?
Here is the solution.
Open the bottle in the middle and pour a very small amount of oil (f.i. Ballistol) onto the cotton. Then close it again and after some short time you can apply the oil with the wide wick at the top under the red cap.
The quite stiff wick will soften with use and time.
No dripping, no smelling (and in case you want to use Ballistol but you do not like the smell of it this is a great solution).
Made in Japan.

Abura Tsubo - Oil Applicator - Empty

Item no: ABURA
Price: 13.95 EUR incl. 19% VAT.
plus Shipping costs / Delivery time: 2-5 Days (Abroad might differ)
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