Rasurpur began in 2006 from a hobby of restoring and sharpening old straight razors.

Shortly after that a quite close relationship to a big French razor producer began. We helped them with quality control and established a new sharpening system. A change in management in 2011/12 resulted in a change of mind and quality so we decided to not offering this brand anymore.

Rasurpur is worldwide known for their truly shave ready straight razors in very high quality and is looking for razor makers who deliver high quality and no mass production.

In 2013/14 Rasurpur started an own production of Japanese inspired straight razors (Kamisori) forged and made by hand.
Vendor & Contact

Martin Nienberg
Am Steintor 24 a
48167 Muenster / Germany
Ph: +49 (0)2506-3039854
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